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Day 10 - Varanasi

DAY 10:

Since it is the last day of our trip, we all got up early so we could have as much time possible to venture what Varanasi has to offer. Hotel check out time is 11:00am, and we left luggage there and told the front desk our flight back to New Delhi was at 5:00pm.

Ate at Lotus lounge for lunch. Each of us had a very yummy Mediterranean dish. Then we did some more shopping along Vishwanath Lane and purchased a couple sculptures and ivory pieces. Also hung out by the Ganges River a bit more. It is so fascinating to know the history behind it. A huge religious importance, regarded as holy by Jains,
Buddhists and Hindus.

About to take a taxi back to the Airport now. This concludes our last day in Varanasi. Our trip has come to an end. So many great experiences here, we are all sad to be leaving!


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Off To Varanasi

Well today went well, we checked out of the Garden Villa Home stay, and caught our train to Varanasi. Once there, we had to find a taxi, who told us that our hotel was closed down because of mice, even though we had just called there. So we decided that he was going to take us there, or else we would get out. Finally he took us to our hotel, the Hotel River View. It was pretty nice and not too expensive. We chose it because it was really close walk to the ghats. After we checked in and got settled we went walking around just to check out the scenery. We went up and down the alleys. They all have different sounds, colors, and smells. We stopped at a restaurant in one of the alleys and had a late lunch. The restaurant was Shiva Cafe and German Bakery, we had to wait a long time for our food but it was so good. We had some Benares Dum Aloo, after that we decided to do a little shopping and stop at the little shops everywhere. Silk is very popular here and we found a merchant with cheaper rates than most we found. I bought a pink bedcover and a pashmina and Sarah and Cassy bought pashminas for their relatives. It soon started to get dark and we headed to one of the ghats, were we took a ride on a boat. The sunset on the river was amazing, the sunset turned the sky pink and orange. After about an hour on the boat, we got off and found a little liquor and wine store, and we bought a bottle of wine for supper. We had a supper mostly consisting of vegetables and flatbread. We were definitely tired out today, we headed back to the hotel for a long sleep as we are going to have an early morning tomorrow as it is our last day here!!!


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Second Day in Agra

Today we went to Agra Fort, which is the sister monument to the Taj Mahal. We saw the Grape Garden, or the Anguri Bagh. It took us about 3 hours, with all the amazing sites. We also visited the Pearl Mosque, The Gem Mosque and the Ladies Bazaar. We stopped in a little restaurant on our way back. We had some flatbread, butter chicken, some chutney made with coconut, and for dessert we had ice cream, which was very good. It was creamy and tasted like cinnamon. We took a cycle rickshaw back to the Garden Villa Home stay. It was pretty cramped, but it was lots of fun. We asked the lady at the hotel for a local market and decided to go there. It was a bit father then expected, so we took a taxi. The Kinari Bazaar was huge there was so much to look at, the colors and the different trinkets. While there we all got brightly coloured scarves. I got a box with wonderful inlay work done on it. It almost looks handmade, we had to bargain and almost walked away. Sarah got some great little earrings, I’m not sure if they are real, but they look great. And Cassie got a very beautiful gold necklace. While we were there we also got petha, which is a specialty candy in Agra. We got back to the home stay after a bottle of warm beer, which was not inviting at all, and supper, we were completely wiped out, but ready for another day!

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First Day in Agra

By 10am we had finally arrived in Agra. We had a busy morning with the bus ride here but the weather is really hot and humid, it’s a nice change from the weather out in Canada. We are staying at the Garden Villa Home Stay and they provide us with transportation to and from the bus station and it is very affordable it was INR 4500.00 which is 101.34 CAD. They arrived right on time and took us right to the Garden Villa, the staff was friendly and the place looked very clean and cozy. We were so anxious to get going for the day so we quickly unpacked and the family had prepared omelets for us and they were delicious, the mother is a great cook. We then took a rickshaw to Taj Mahal and then we got to ride a camel into the main entrance, it was really cool none of us had been able to do that before. Taj Mahal was huge, the security was really strict and we were not allowed to take pictures in the main mausoleum and because it is a religious site we had dressed conservatively. It had not only amazing architectural design but it was almost more than that, you really get to understand why it is called the monument of love. We spent most of the day there and even outside offered beautiful flowered gardens and we also stopped at the small gift shop which we bought a few little trinkets. It was almost overwhelming in the fact that we were actually there, it was a day well spent and I’ll never forget it and we were even able to be there for sunset, which was gorgeous. We headed out shortly after and the streets were beginning to get very dark so we took a taxi for a late supper, we stopped at the Grand Buffet and it had a lot of different types of food offered which we figured would be a nice change. We had a little bit of everything from steak to a variety of Indian and continental dishes, it was delicious. After supper was over we decided we would call it a night, none of the bars really seemed to appealing to us and the streets don’t have many lights which made us a little cautious. We got back to the home stay, just relaxed and took a look at the pictures we had taken on our adventures thus far. Good night all!!
our ride on the way to Taj Mahal

our ride on the way to Taj Mahal


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Day 6 - Jaipur

DAY 6:

Woke up to a nice sunny day! Although the Ramgarh Lodge was nice we decided to switch hotels for our second and final night in Jaipur. We are staying at the Holiday Inn, for it’s only fifteen minutes away from the Airport, and we have an early morning flight yet again to our next city, Agra.

For our second day in Jaipur, our clan has decided to visit the well known City Palace Museum. It was built between 1729-1732, and has collections of carriages, armaments, miniature manuscripts and paintings, palanquins, howdahs, bejeweled ceremonial swords and daggers, as well as the world’s largest silver jars in which were used to transport holy Ganga water. The City Palace is a unique complex of several palaces, gardens, temples, and pavilions. It is also a current royal residence, and is located in the north east area of Jaipur.


After our City Palace adventure, we were starved so we looked along M.I. Road for somewhere to eat. Stopped at Nero’s. Very welcoming place with great food. Ordered the chicken korma. It was deelish!

Continuing our walk down M.I. Road, for some shopping! Went to the Johari Bazaar and bought some jewelry. Also hit up the Ramganj Bazaar and checked out the traditional footwear.

Later on for supper, we decided to take a break from the spicy food of India, and just ordered some Pizza Hut from our hotel. There is also a café in the hotel called the Palms, so that will be handy for an early morning breakfast and coffee before we head out to Agra!

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